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Cast & Precision-Tooled Plaques

Timeless beauty.

Cast and precision-tooled metal plaques are an excellent choice for recognition, memorial, and other specialty signage projects. They are ideal for professional offices, universities, government buildings, and commemorative uses.

Cast Bronze Plaque w/ Professor Photo

Standard Options

Design the perfect plaque by choosing from a variety of borders, colors, and other elements. Interested in something you don’t see? There are nearly infinite customizations available. Contact us for more information.

Cast Plaque Borders & Bevels

Cast and precision-tooled plaques offer a variety of standard border options at no additional cost. The most important considerations when deciding on a border are the overall size of the plaque and the location where it will be displayed. The Single Line border is the most popular choice due to its simplicity and elegance. We will provide guidance and best practices when discussing your order prior to production.

Cast Plaque Background Textures

The nature of the cast plaque production process means that the background will have an elemental texture rather than simply having a smooth finish. Choose a style that fits in with the surroundings where the plaque will be displayed, or simply go for the style that strikes your fancy. Traditionally, the Leathette texture is the most popular choice.

Cast Plaque Background Colors

The inset background of the cast plaque will be painted to contrast with with raised, polished metal areas. Traditionally, the background is a dark and earthy tone that compliments the raised elements. These are the standard background colors.

Cast Plaque Clear Coatings

The finished product includes a clear protective coating that helps preserve the painted background and polished metal by protecting it against the elements. The Satin clear coat is standard for most applications, while Gloss is preferred for polished plaques.

Cast Plaque Mounting Methods

Installation of the cast plaque requires consideration of the plaque size and shape as well as its intended placement and audience. Below are the most mounting options. Additional specialty options are also available.

Cast Plaque Rosettes

For mounts that require holes in the cast plaque, stylish rosettes are offered as a decorative alternative to showing the painted screw head. 

Cast Plaque Portrait & Photo Options

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and these images are made to last. We can help you decide which photo process will work best with the image(s) you provide and the needs of your project.

Get Started Today

The standard casting and precsion-tooling processes can take up to six weeks from artwork approval to receipt of the finished plaque. Specialty projects can sometimes add days or weeks to the final delivery time. Reach out today so we can help you find the right cast plaque for your occasion.